A Simple Idea With A Remarkable Outcome!

Yes, we are a husband and wife team taking on all the roles needed to run this great business. Like it says in our "about us", one of us mixes scents.


Time and time again while standing over multiple mixing containers to stir individual candle orders (yes every candle is individually made but more than one can be stirred at a time - 2 HANDS!) the idea of scent blending was born.


You can't stir Fudge Brownie and Strawberry without your mouth watering just a little. Or Morning Coffee and French Vanilla without being reminded of that cappuccino you had earlier. The possibilities are endless and can smell quite delicious too! 


We decided this would be a good thing. To give control over to the person who would be enjoying the wafting aroma of a 100% soy wax (no mysterious blend) candle. Yes, I'm talking about YOU! With the "Add Your Two Scents" Ring Candle OR Necklace Candle, you get to do just that. No one telling you to keep your two cents to yourself (lol). Choose any two scents and we'll combine them to make your dream candle.


Feeling more creative? Try out an "Add Your Three Scents" Ring Candle OR Necklace Candle and let your creative juices flow. You may surprise yourself with what you create. Sure, some easy go to's would be fruit and chocolate (mouth watering) but out on a limb with Havana, Margarita Time (temporarily retired) and French Vanilla?!? One of the BEST things I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. So go on, click the links above and start creating your next best thing.

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