I have a 4 year old niece who LOVES to take baths. One day, she got into my bath bombs and got really excited when she saw there was something inside of it. So, I went looking for something for her to use. When I found these, I was so excited. And I have to say, she LOVES them. She actually asks me when she comes over if she gets to take a bath and I tell her that she has to be good (I've even gotten her to take her nap by saying if she didn't, no bath). And she loves the little jewelry items, which are so cute and perfect for her. She particularly loves Monkey Fart, mostly for the name. Everything about it is just so much fun for her, and I make sure to keep these stocked, for anytime she comes over!

Kelly K


I have to admit, I am really into bath bombs. But sometimes, my schedule gets so hectic, I can't take the time to take a bath. When that happens, I love having the shower steamers around for a little pick me up. They are so unique, and the big chill in particular I love for summer (since I am always hot). When I need a little something during a shower, this is beyond amazing.

Kelly K


I cannot say enough how much I not only love the product, but absolutely love the jewelry. I have NEVER been disappointed with what I've received from this company. And not only that, but their customer service is amazing, and always quick to answer my questions. I used to buy bath bombs from Lush, but never again. This is my go-to now!

Kelly K

This by far is the best scented bath bomb I've ever purchased! The necklace is gorgeous. (PINK SUGAR NECKLACE BATH BOMB)

Rene James

I'm in love with these Wax melts! I got 6 little Paws and I had no clue which one had my ring! It was fun trying to figure out which one had it. Love the Pink Sugar scent and love my ring!

Laura S

I love this company, makes me feel special, I guess because the stuff is hand made and the notes that come with it are a wonderful touch. The bath bombs are terrific, a nice way to spoil myself after a hard nights work. Thank you so much.

Cynthia T

What a great idea! I bought the "gift" box for myself lol! Customer service is great, bath bombs are soooo good and the rings are gorgeous! *BATH BOMB GIFT BOX)

Mia H

Thanks for making products for the whole family! I bought something for everyone. My daughter LOVED her bath bomb and got a cute necklace that she has to wear everywhere. I will be buying more really soon. Thanks!

Sharon C

I bought this for my MIL and she loved it. Smelled great and the jewelry is stunning. I will be buying myself one next. Customer service is great. I had a question and they responded within the hour! Unheard of these days. (PEARS & BERRIES, THE PERFECT PAIR)

Brenda Fare

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